Monday, July 25, 2016

Major Construction Completed. Final Blog Post

Work Completed Last week, July 18th to July 22nd 
·         Roadways with new asphalt surface installed
o   Executive Lane: Imperial Drive to Longmeadow Drive
o   Imperial Drive: Executive Lane to Executive Lane
o   Longmeadow Drive: Thornwood Avenue to Executive Lane
·         Pavement marking at locations where existing pavement marking were removed
·         Miscellaneous structure adjustments along various streets
·         All sites
o   General Site Clean-Up
o   Landscape restoration with topsoil and seed or sod

Work remaining to be completed
·         General Site Clean-up
·         Minor repairs of items noticed during final walk-through
·         Landscape restorations as needed

The major construction associated with the 2016 Roadway Resurfacing project is now completed. The remaining items include general site clean-up, minor repairs noticed during final walk-through, and landscape restorations as needed.

Since major construction is now completed, this will be the final Blog Post for the project. We hope you found the information provided in the blog useful regarding the construction progress and schedule for the upcoming weeks as well as providing information regarding the overall construction process.

If you have any further questions, concerns, or comments please contact the Village Project Manager, Adriana Webb, at 847-904-4414.

Thanks again for all your patience, understanding, and cooperation throughout the construction process.