Friday, June 17, 2016

Work On-Going along Kiess Drive and Depot Street

Work Completed Last week, June 13th to June 17th   
·         Kiess Drive
o   Poured concrete curb & gutter, driveways, and sidewalks
·         Depot Street (South of Prairie Street), Phase I
o   Closed commuter and residential parking stalls within work area
o   Performed storm sewer improvements as required
o   Removed and replaced concrete curb & gutter within work area

Work anticipated to be completed Next week, June 20th to June 24th  
·         Kiess Drive
o   Mill existing pavement surface layer
o   Perform patching of existing asphalt pavement as needed
o   Install new asphalt pavement surface layer
·         Depot Street (South of Prairie Street), Phase I
o   Perform asphalt patching around new concrete curb & gutter
o   Open parking stalls for commuter and resident parking, anticipated to be open by the end of the day on Monday, June 20th
·         Depot Street (North of Prairie Street), Phase II
o   Tuesday, June 21st - Close commuter parking stalls within work area
o   Saw-cut existing pavement and curb & gutter
o   Remove existing concrete curb & gutter
o   Pour concrete curb & gutter
o   Tuesday (6/28/16):
§  Asphalt patching behind new curb & gutter
§  Open parking stall previously closed during construction. 

The work on the south end of Depot Street went as planned last week and the parking stalls in this area are scheduled to be opened by Tuesday, June 21. Work on Phase II of the improvements, north of Prairie Street, is anticipated to begin on Tuesday, June 21st and completed by Tuesday, June 28th.  If everything goes as planned, the concrete curb & gutter replacement will be completed prior to the July 4th Holiday. Following the July 4th Holiday, the existing asphalt pavement will be removed and a new asphalt pavement will be installed.

Thank you again for all your patience and understanding as a significant amount of parking stalls are blocked off during the previous and upcoming weeks.