Friday, June 10, 2016

Kiess Drive Concrete to be Completed. Work along Depot Street Begins

Work Completed Last week, June 6th to June 10th  
·         Asphalt pavement paving along:
o   Norwood Terrace
o   Harrison Street
o   Covert Road
o   Castle Drive
o   Knollwood Lane
·         Kiess Drive (North Side of the Street):
o   Concrete curb & gutter, sidewalk, and driveway removals
o   Provided temporary access to driveways due to weather delays in pouring concrete.

Work anticipated to be completed Next week, June 13th to June 17th
·         Kiess Drive
o   Pour concrete curb & gutter, driveways, and sidewalks
o   Provide access to driveways once concrete has cured.
·         Depot Street (South of Prairie Street)
o   Close commuter and residential parking stalls within work area
o   Saw-cut existing pavement and curb & gutter
o   Remove existing concrete curb & gutter
o   Perform storm sewer repairs as required
o   Pour concrete curb & gutter
o   Monday (6/20/16):
§  Asphalt patching behind new curb & gutter
§  Open parking stall previously closed during construction.

Once the Depot Street south of Prairie Street is completed, the same process will continue on the north end of Depot Street between Prairie Street and Grove Street. This work is anticipated to begin on Tuesday, June 21st and be completed prior to the July 4th Holiday.